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Dock of Fiumicino

The port of Fiumicino is a canal port [3], which runs along the banks of quays of the terminal section of the navigable canal obtained with extension to the sea of the ancient Trajanian pit. It is therefore an internal port that enters with the
its structures in the hinterland and not towards the sea (as it normally happens) [4]. In 2002 the port of Fiumicino has concurred to the birth of the port network of the Lazio, together with the ports of Gaeta and Civitavecchia, becoming part of the scope of competence of the port authority of the latter [5]. The port of Fiumicino is a important stop for fishing vessels. Among the most important activities of the airport there is certainly the pleasure and handling of bulk cargoes and oil products, also in virtue of the contiguity with the Rome Refinery and with the two off shore terminals.