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St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican

The basilica of St. Peter’s in the Vatican (exact full name: papal arcibasilica major of St. Peter’s in the Vatican) is a Catholic basilica in the Vatican City; symbol of the Vatican State, crowned by the monumental Piazza San Peter.
It is the largest of the four papal basilicas of Rome, often described as the most great church of the world and center of Catholicism. However, it is not the church cathedral of the Roman diocese since this title belongs to the Basilica of San Giovanni in Lateran, which is also the first for dignity being Mother and Head of all Churches of the World and of the World. As a pontifical chapel, placed next to the Apostolic Palace, the basilica di San Pietro is the seat of the main manifestations of Catholic worship and is therefore in solemn function during the papal celebrations, for example for Christmas, the Easter, the rites of Holy Week, the proclamation of the new popes and the funeral of those deceased, the opening and closing of the jubilees and the canonizations of the new saints. Under the pontificate of Pius IX he hosted the sessions of Vatican Council I and under Pope John XXIII and Paul VI those of the Second Vatican Council.